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When choosing an online dating service the sites available to you are almost overwhelming. So what happens is you either get a personal referral, do a Google search for the words 'best online dating service', or you surf around checking out many different sites on your own.


In this article we are going to help you out and do a quick dating site review on 4 of the top online dating services and why they rank so high.


1. PerfectMatch


They are growing at a very fast pace because of all of the free publicity they have received on television and in the movies. They were featured in the movie Superman Returns and Must Love Dogs. Dr. Phil gave them a big boost by featuring them on his top rated t.v. talk show.


The best feature they offer is precise matching and they do a very good job of doing that.


For over 30 years they have perfected their scientific profile system for those looking for the perfect match. This is the backbone of their site and they have the longevity to back it up.


To visit the site please click below:


Perfectmatch - Get your free compatibility profile



2. Great Expectations


They ask you for your zip code and get right down to business by locating potential dates for you by location. If there is no one in your area you know it right up front. They pay close attention to details and have been around for many years.


They report a high success rate and are a great choice if you live in or near a large city where there are more members to choose from.



3. Yahoo Personals


They offer high quality photos and fast searches. With their 7 day free trial you are able to check them out before joining as a paid member. They have over 9 million members and are one of the largest online dating services in the world.


They make it very easy to get started with them. With that many photos to view you are sure to find someone who interests you.



4. eHarmony


They market themselves as the #1 trusted relationship service in America. Their mission statement centers around empowering people to find a lifetime of happiness in their relationships.


Millions of people of all ages, ethnicity, and religious backgrounds have used eHarmony's patented Compatibility Matching Systemô to find the love of their lives.


This a dating site review of only 4 of the top online dating services. There are many, many more to choose from. When you first start out it is a good idea to go with a name brand service that has been around a while and has a high number of members.


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