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How To Read Female Body Language



When you are on a date how do you know if a women is flirting with you and the signals she is sending to you?


How do you know what she is saying beyond the conversation itself?


For the most part men are generally clueless when it comes to understanding women and what they mean versus what they are saying. The good news is when it comes to reading the body language of a women there are a few basics you can learn. Here are a few tips on reading the body language of a woman.


1) If a women is tossing her hair around she is letting you know she is open to what you are saying and she is having a good time. Other hair signals combing and moving it away from her face or her shoulders.


2) Loosening her clothing to expose bare skin is a definite flirting signal to call attention to her body.


3) When a women licks her lips or puts on lipstick in a slow manner she is calling attention to her mouth and knows the power doing this slowly has on a man.


4) Slowly crossing her legs while stroking her thigh is flirting to the greatest degree.


5) Another sign of interest in you is when she crosses her leg and lets her shoe on the top leg slip off and on of her foot.


6) Women will use their eyes to show as much white area to attract your attention as well.


7) She will use touch as another way to flirt or to show lack of interest. If she accidently bumps against you that is a good sign. If she is resisting efforts from you to touch her on the arm or to put your arm around her that is a bad sign for you.


8) If she puts her hand on your arm and leaves it for a moment she is relaxed and having a good time. A women's touch is the one of the most powerful forms of body language she has and she will use it over everything else to reveal her interest in you.


9) If a women is interested in the conversation and in you she will show the soft side of the inside of her wrists and the palms of her hands.


There are many signals a women will send to you through her body language. Women have perfected the art of body language over many years. They will go to waste if you are not paying attention and picking up on them.

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