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How To Interact With People In A Social Situation



Whether you are in a bar or at a party at work you are going to be put in a situation where you have to interact with other people. If you are not normally an outgoing person this can be harder to do than it sounds. Here are a few suggestions to help you interact with people around you in a social situation.


1) Relax and do not force yourself on anyone. Everyone around you wants to have a good time. If they are relaxed you can be as well. If you are nervous don't talk right away and gradually you will lighten up.


2) Gradually work yourself into the conversation. You need to listen first and speak second. Understanding exactly what is being discussed before you join in will save you the embarrassment of saying something stupid. If you have something to offer to the conversation join in at the right time.


3) Don't overreact. If someone tells a joke you can laugh but do not force it or over do it. Don't agree with everything being said if you do not mean it. Honesty is the best policy in expressing your feeling, but if you do not have something nice to say it is probably better not to say anything at all.


4) Be more interested in what is being said than you are in being interesting. You do this by asking questions and concentrating on the answers you get. There is nothing worse than someone who wants to dominate the conversation by talking about themselves all night.


5) Talk about fun stuff. Nothing kills the mood faster than a person who goes on and on about all of their problems. Better topics would be vacations, sports, hobbies movies, and that sort of stuff. Current events are always good, but as a general rule you are better off not to discuss religion and politics in a social situation until you are friends with the people you are talking to.


6) Use common sense. Things like don't talk with your mouth full are socially unacceptable. Do not be gross to be funny.


7) When talking to the opposite sex keep it clean. You may not be at work where there could be  sexual harassment charges with what you say, but until you really know someone making sexually suggestive comments is inappropriate.


These are just a few tips to help you fit in and meet people socially. Just be yourself and do not try to hard. Let yourself naturally become part of the surroundings and the conversation.



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