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Ice Breaker Techniques That Work



When you first meet someone or are on a first date the first few minutes can be awkward. If you are not an outgoing person by nature or carrying on a conversation does not come naturally to you then you need some help. Here are a few ice breaker techniques to help get the conversation going.


1) Think of yourself as an interviewer trying to write a story. The key here is to ask interesting questions without sounding like you are interrogating someone.


Think in terms of what, when, why, how, and where. For example if you are at a dance and see that someone is enjoying themselves you might say "I notice you like dancing." "How long have you danced"  "What is your favorite dance?" Or "Did you ever take dance lessons. When did you take them?"


People will always like to talk about themselves. You can never go wrong asking them a question they know the answer to.


2) Try a find a common interest as soon as possible. If you met through a Christian dating service you can feel relaxed to ask "where to you go to church, or what do you find most meaningful in your life." If you know on their dating profile they like sports lead with "what is your favorite sport? Or do you still play football?"


3) Use their name early and often. People like to hear their name. It will help you remember it if you say it early in your conversation and repeat several times quickly after that without it sounding like you are spamming them in your conversation.


4) Make eye contact even if you are shy. Making eye contact will relax you and allow you to think more clearly about what you want to say. It will also help you listen better to what is being said.


5) Ask questions that can not be answered yes or no. Do not say "Did you have a good day?" Say, Did anything exciting happen at work?


6) Talk about things that you know interest them. Find their hot buttons and zero in on those. Ask if they have a pet. What kind is it? What is it's name? How long have you had it? Or do you have any hobbies? How long have you worked on cars? Do you have any favorite cars you have kept?"


Remember it is only natural for you to feel a little uneasy at first. Try and quickly relax yourself and the person you are talking to by asking genuine questions and being a good listener. You will soon find yourself engaged in and enjoying conversation and wondering where the time went.


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