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How To Read Male Body Language


Reading the body language of a man can start the minute he walks into a room. Entering a room with a slow walk and few movements indicates self confidence. The more movements a man makes when he walks the more he is unsure of himself. When a confident man sits down he will immediately place something nearby to mark his territory. It could be a lighter or cigarettes, or a drink or some coins. Here are some tips on reading a man's body language when the conversation starts.


1) If a man sits with his face pointed directly at you and his body is turned away he is saying he is not comfortable yet and is unsure about getting into your space. As the conversation warms up and he loosens up he will face you directly with his whole body signifying he is getting more comfortable with you.


2) Watch his eyes. If you find him staring at you longer than normal then he is letting you know he is interested in you. If he flashes his eyebrows he might be showing an interest.


3) If he smiles and is joking around he is having a good time. If he lowers is voice and is trying to sound seductive you know what that means. Men tend to be more jovial when they are having a good time.


4) If he folds his arms he is creating a barrier between himself and you. When his arms form no barrier he is inviting you into his space. You can tell how relaxed he is by the position of his shoulders. If he is standing tall with his shoulders forward he is relaxed and confident.


5) Men flirt with their hands. If he is putting his thumbs into his pockets with his hands pointing down he is flirting. If he is placing his hand on your arm and leaning forward while talking he is feeling you out. If you do not pull away he will feel comfortable leaving it there for a little bit.


6) If he leans forward with his groin or is standing with his legs spread apart he is flirting.


Men are normally more proactive with their body language than women are. It is natural  for him to try and control an area and a conversation. This has been going on for generations. A smart man sends out signals and is not pushy. His body language lets you know if he is interested in you and he is waiting to see if you feel the same.


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