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6 Tips To Getting A Second Date


As women have become liberated and career oriented the path to a second date has become less clear. In the old days of dating if you both had a good time the man would ask for a second date and the women would say yes or no. Here are 6 tips to helping you both get a second date.

1) It is still up to the man to make the first move. Most women still expect this to be the way it is done. If the man is a little shy he will need to overcome this for a brief moment and go ahead and ask. Surprisingly surveys have shown that if a man does not make the move to ask the women out and the women goes ahead and does it will end up in a failed relationship. So women do everything you can to let him know you are interested and then sit tight and wait for him to ask. 

2) Men you need to keep the conversation on her as much as possible. If you want a second date you will kill your chances if you spend most of the time talking about yourself. This seems like common sense, but many times a self absorbed man will blow it for himself by blabbing on and on about himself and not really getting to know her. Don't let this be you we are talking about.

3) When the date is over the man stills pays. Even the most successful women appreciates a man who pays for the first date. Not splitting the bill or letting her pay her share, but the man pays on date one. This will help you get to date two. 

4) Although it is common now for women to call a man for the next date if you do not line it up at the end of date one then the man should pick up the phone and call her. Ask her out as soon as possible if you both had a good time on your first date.

5) Be honest about how you felt about your first date. If you had a good time let her know. Women do not mislead him into thinking you want him to call you again if you do not want him to.

6) No sex on date one. Many people blow it by moving to quick. There is plenty of time for sex later in the relationship and many people have reported that it is even better the longer you wait.

 These are 6 tips for getting a second date that do work. You will know during date one if you are having a good time and if you both are going to want to go out again.


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